Millennial Panic: The Economic Nightmare Of Our Twenties And Thirties

2016/10/23 Millennial Panic: The Economic Nightmare Of Our Twenties And Thirties
Many, many freelancers and solo entrepreneurs are in their twenties and thirties. Unlike in previous generations, younger workers have much lower expectations of long-term employment and a nice home in the future. Now, a new study from Ernst and Young and the Economic Innovation...

A Day In The Life Of A Financial Advisor

A Day In The Life Of A Financial Advisor, Via Imgur User Natsumori
Yes, you can find useful advice from a financial advisor on Imgur. Best known as Reddit’s main image-sharing site, Imgur has lots of unexpected corners--including helpful money advice from a financial advisor. Last year, a Imgur user named Natsumori put together this great Day in the...

Paying Off Credit Cards – A Beginner’s Guide

Credit Card
Your goal: Paying off credit card debt and making sure you remain credit card debt-free. If you’re trying to make that goal, there are two different options you have. Both depend on your personal preference and what works best for your approach: Controlling The Urge...

Credit Card Debt Advice

Credit card debt is difficult to cope with. There are a few ways of handling your credit card debt that include debt consolidation and bank loans. But there’s an alternative you can do yourself: Credit card debt negotiation. Credit card debt negotiation involves focusing on...

Money Lessons For College Graduates

Almost Millions: Personal Finance For Freelancers, 1099ers, & The Self-Employed
The Simple Dollar's Holly Johnson has a great list of six things every college graduate needs to know about money: Learn about debt and interest. Credit cards aren't free money. Learn what it means to live below your means. Learn to compare job offers...

One Freelance Journalist’s Money Management Tips

Money scrabble
Getting personal finances in order is harder for the freelance journalist than for certain other fields. Journalists and researchers usually spend a lot of (tax-deductible) money researching and covering stories. Adding to the mix, many publications do not pay writers or videographers on a...