The Best Reddit Personal Finance Tips

By Tony Webster from Portland, Oregon, United States - Change, CC BY 2.0,
Social networking site Reddit can be massive and daunting to navigate--but it has some of the best financial advice on the internet. Reddit’s /personalfinance subsite (or sub-Reddit, as they call it) is a massive forum with tons of traffic devoted to all things personal finance....

Freelancer Personal Finance Tips

Freelancer personal finance tips
If you’re a freelancer--whether you’re an architect, a consultant, a musician, a writer, a beautician, you name it--taking charge of your finances will help you succeed at your business immeasurably. Over at 99designs, Tory Van Wey has five personal finance tips every freelancer should know....

One Freelance Journalist’s Money Management Tips

Money scrabble
Getting personal finances in order is harder for the freelance journalist than for certain other fields. Journalists and researchers usually spend a lot of (tax-deductible) money researching and covering stories. Adding to the mix, many publications do not pay writers or videographers on a...

Helaine Olen’s Pound Foolish: Yes, Personal Finance Experts Are Wrong Sometimes.

Pound Foolish By Helaine Owen
What if a lot of personal finance experts want to make you feel guilty? What if a lot of personal finance experts think it's your fault you're not rich? What if a lot of personal finance experts think daily joys will bankrupt you? Slate recently ran...

The Basics Of Personal Finance For Freelancers

100 Dollar Bill, Y'all
Noone has to be broke. Becoming a money rockstar has to do with three connecting things: Making money, spending money, and saving money. If you don’t have enough money in your pocket, odds are that you’re going wrong with one of these. But that’s...