How To Make Cheap Trader Joe’s Meals

How To Make Quick Trader Joe's Meals
Trader Joe's is perfect for making quick, affordable meals. Here are a few ideas for easy meals for busy workweeks.

Relationships & Money: When Couples Fight

Relationships & Money: Why Couples Fight
Here’s something random and kind-of interesting: The federal government subsidizes programs encouraging low-income couples to marry. By doing that, the government hopes to create families that are more resilient and less likely to break up. But these programs, which have names like the Healthy...

The Freelance Isn’t Free Act: Legal Protections For NYC Freelancers

Freelance Isn't Free Act
Being a freelancer shouldn’t mean working double duty as a collections agency. Nearly all freelancers and self-employed workers have encountered clients who refuse to pay. Sadly, late-paying clients are extremely commonplace. But what if a piece of legislation could establish protections for freelancers similar to those larger...

Unemployed Freelancer Blues: How Freelancers Can Receive Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment Benefits For Freelancers
If you’re a freelancer or independent contractor who’s no longer working with your primary client, you may be unemployed by many people’s standards. The same applies if your freelance career is experiencing a slow period for a number of months. But does this mean...

Yes, You Need An Emergency Fund

Yes, You Need An Emergency Fund
So… I always feel like a wet blanket talking about savings and emergency funds. But here’s the sad, necessary truth: If you’re self-employed, you need an emergency fund. More specifically, anyone who’s freelancing or self-employed needs to have at least several months salary stashed inside...

Cheap Ikea Ideas To Try

Cheap Ikea Ideas
When the world needs cheap furniture, the world goes to Ikea. The global furniture chain is a favorite for business and home life… and that makes it a natural for freelancers and the self-employed. Visiting Ikea on a busy weekend can be a soul-crushing experience....