Five Overrated Ways Freelancers Save Money

Five Overrated Ways Freelancers Save Money
Do a Google search or hop on Facebook, and you'll see a whole lot of blog posts by freelancers looking to save money. But here's the dirty little secret: A lot of the tips on the internet take a lot of time to carry...

Trello Desktop For Windows And Mac: The Best Tips

Trello Desktop
Trello is one of the most popular project management tools around. The project management tool has a ton of mobile apps... and, now, it comes in desktop for Windows and Mac. If you're self-employed, a freelancer, or work in a small business, Trello is easy...

Why Ikea’s Buying TaskRabbit

Ikea's Buying TaskRabbit
It's official: Ikea is buying TaskRabbit. The multinational furniture chain purchased the on-demand service and gig platform for an undisclosed sum. Don't expect any changes right now if you use TaskRabbit. But in the future, things on the service might switch around a bit. Why Ikea's...

What Independent Public Relations Professionals Need To Know About Business & Money

Money & Business Tips For Independent Publicists
Not too long ago, I was chatting with a lovely senior professional who's now an independent public relations professional and transitioning into the world of independent public relations. These are public relations professionals who work on their own and are not a full-time employee...

For Exposure: The Best Freelancer Twitter Account Ever

For Exposure Twitter
Every freelancer has stories about clients who want them to work for free. But one freelancer decided to turn those stories into a Twitter account. For Exposure is a Twitter feed run by Ryan Estrada, a South Korea-based artist. The idea behind For Exposure is...

Freelancer App Hello Bonsai No Longer Free

Hello Bonsai, a popular freelancer contract-creating and proposal-generating app, is raising their prices and phasing out their free offering. Starting on July 5, 2017, Bonsai will no longer be free to use. Instead of their current offering, which lets users send out contracts for free...