The Best Podcasts For Freelancers & 1099ers

Best Podcasts For Freelancers & 1099ers
If you’re self-employed or working as an independent contractor, the odds are good that you listen to podcasts. Over the years, podcasts have grown into one of the best sources for news and entertainment around… and I’ll tell you a little secret: They can...

Improve Your Business Skills With O’Reilly Media

Self-employed? Work in tech? O’Reilly Media has some great resources for improving your business skills. O’Reilly Media is a well-known tech book publisher, online learning service, and conference organizer that’s helpful for everything from learning new programming languages to scaling engineering businesses. Here are a few...

Docracy: Free Legal Forms For Freelancers

Docracy: Free Legal Forms For Freelancers
If you’re self-employed and working with clients on anything that requires a contract (and most things in the business world do!), one of the biggest challenges is drafting legal documents for new projects and opportunities. Note: Disclaimer time. We’re not lawyers and are absolutely not...

S Corporations And Double Taxation

S Corporations And Double Taxation
One of the easiest ways for self-employed entrepreneurs and freelancers to pay less in taxes is by starting a S Corporation. Although the cost of starting an S Corporation and the tax benefits vary from state to state, incorporating generally means that most full-time...

The Five Types Of Freelancers

Millions of Americans work as freelancers in one field or another. They do everything from mowing lawns to researching legal briefs to driving cars to writing Hollywood scripts. If you freelance, how would you define your job and what you do? Personal finance blog The Simple...

How Do I Work As A Freelance Writer, Anyway?

How Do I Work As A Freelance Writer. Photo Credit: user Stancu Alexandru
Being a freelance writer doesn't have to be difficult: There are strategies which can help you win clients, get paid, and be your own boss.