Trello For Freelancers: Project Management And To-Do Tips

If you’re self employed, your financial success depends on project management. This means using a best-in-class project management tool to organize your workflow. Here at Almost Millions, we’re huge fans of Trello--an amazingly helpful project management tool designed to keep tabs on work projects. Trello...

Independent Contractor Advice From SXSW

There are a ton of 1099 workers out there who are paid as independent contractors. If you’re reading this, in fact, there are pretty good odds you’re paid by 1099. But getting paid by 1099 means that you have to work a bit harder...

When Mechanical Turkers Organize

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk marketplace is one of the easiest places on the web to make a few bucks. Now Mechanical Turk users are working with each other.

Reddit For Freelancers & Small Businesses: A Guide

Reddit is one of the internet’s most popular destinations, and with good reason. The news aggregation, content sharing, and message board site has millions of daily users discussing everything from science to cool pictures. It’s also one of the best resources around if you’re a...

Freelancer Personal Finance Tips

If you’re a freelancer--whether you’re an architect, a consultant, a musician, a writer, a beautician, you name it--taking charge of your finances will help you succeed at your business immeasurably. Over at 99designs, Tory Van Wey has five personal finance tips every freelancer should know....

The Best Podcasts For Freelancers & 1099ers

Best Podcasts For Freelancers & 1099ers
If you’re self-employed or working as an independent contractor, the odds are good that you listen to podcasts. Over the years, podcasts have grown into one of the best sources for news and entertainment around… and I’ll tell you a little secret: They can...