17hats For Freelancers: An All-In-One Software Hub

17hats For Freelancers
One of the hardest things for freelancers and the self-employed is finding apps to manage their day to day work. So far we’ve talked about some great services like Trello and Nusii; I’d like to throw 17hats into the mix as well. 17hats is a...

When The Scope Of Work Changes

When The Scope Of Work Changes
Nearly every freelancer has been there: You’re working on a project for a client, and over time the client wants do so… something very different from what you originally signed for. Yup, it’s “Scope Creep.” Or “Project Creep,” if you prefer, and it’s one of...

Home Office Coffee 101: Your Guide To Coffee For The Home Office

Home Office Coffee 101
Ah, coffee. If you work from home, odds are that coffee (or tea, if that’s your drink of choice) plays a big part in your workday. You’re drinking coffee when you look over your emails in the morning. You’re drinking coffee during that mid-morning...

35% Of Americans Freelance Or Have Side Hustles

35% Of Americans Freelance Or Have Side Hustles
A new study claims more Americans are working for themselves than we ever expected. According to a survey commissioned by the Freelancers Union and Upwork, 55 million Americans are now participating in the freelance economy--approximately 35% of our country’s workforce. Their study, Freelancing In America...

Pricing Structures For Freelancers

Once you’ve marched out on your own as a freelancer, one of the hardest parts of establishing yourself is setting your freelance rates. This is difficult for a few reasons: Freelancers tend to undervalue their own work (Which we shouldn’t) Freelancers are used to...

Taxes For Freelancers: Independent Contractor Edition

Taxes For Freelancers Independent Contractors
There are a lot of great things about freelancing. But doing taxes? Not so great. If you’re working as a freelancer and are an independent contractor (that is, you deposit your earnings directly to your personal bank account and don’t have a S Corporation or...