Xero: Accounting Software For The Self-Employed

One of the toughest parts of self-employment is keeping track of bills, payments, invoicing and expenses. That's why we're so happy Xero exists. Xero is, by our estimation, an amazing way to handle accounting and bookkeeping for your self-employed business. Almost Millions suggests that you work...

For Exposure: The Best Freelancer Twitter Account Ever

For Exposure Twitter
Every freelancer has stories about clients who want them to work for free. But one freelancer decided to turn those stories into a Twitter account. For Exposure is a Twitter feed run by Ryan Estrada, a South Korea-based artist. The idea behind For Exposure is...

The Freelance Isn’t Free Act: Legal Protections For NYC Freelancers

Freelance Isn't Free Act
Being a freelancer shouldn’t mean working double duty as a collections agency. Nearly all freelancers and self-employed workers have encountered clients who refuse to pay. Sadly, late-paying clients are extremely commonplace. But what if a piece of legislation could establish protections for freelancers similar to those larger...

Improve Your Business Skills With O’Reilly Media

Self-employed? Work in tech? O’Reilly Media has some great resources for improving your business skills. O’Reilly Media is a well-known tech book publisher, online learning service, and conference organizer that’s helpful for everything from learning new programming languages to scaling engineering businesses. Here are a few...

17hats For Freelancers: An All-In-One Software Hub

17hats For Freelancers
One of the hardest things for freelancers and the self-employed is finding apps to manage their day to day work. So far we’ve talked about some great services like Trello and Nusii; I’d like to throw 17hats into the mix as well. 17hats is a...

Coping With Freelance Stress

Coping With Freelance Stress
Working as a freelance writer can be hard sometimes. I know this well--I’ve been working in the journalism salt mines for over a decade at this point. But it can be even harder explaining just why freelancing is so frustrating to outsiders. That’s why I’m...