Taxes For Freelancers: Independent Contractor Edition

Taxes For Freelancers Independent Contractors
There are a lot of great things about freelancing. But doing taxes? Not so great. If you’re working as a freelancer and are an independent contractor (that is, you deposit your earnings directly to your personal bank account and don’t have a S Corporation or...

For Exposure: The Best Freelancer Twitter Account Ever

For Exposure Twitter
Every freelancer has stories about clients who want them to work for free. But one freelancer decided to turn those stories into a Twitter account. For Exposure is a Twitter feed run by Ryan Estrada, a South Korea-based artist. The idea behind For Exposure is...

S Corporations And Double Taxation

S Corporations And Double Taxation
One of the easiest ways for self-employed entrepreneurs and freelancers to pay less in taxes is by starting a S Corporation. Although the cost of starting an S Corporation and the tax benefits vary from state to state, incorporating generally means that most full-time...

How Do I Work As A Freelance Writer, Anyway?

How Do I Work As A Freelance Writer. Photo Credit: user Stancu Alexandru
Being a freelance writer doesn't have to be difficult: There are strategies which can help you win clients, get paid, and be your own boss.

How To Start A Company When You Have No Free Time: Our Link Picks, 12/16/2016

How To Start A Company When You Have No Free Time
Each week, Almost Millions highlights the best links we’ve found about personal finance and money management for freelancers and 1099 workers. Here’s our latest list: "Marriage counselors tell us that couples frequently tie the knot without discussing the core matters that can cement or sunder...

Starting A LLC For Freelancers: Pros And Cons

There are advantages and disadvantages to starting a LLC for freelancers. Weighed with alternatives like being a sole proprietor or forming a S-Corporation, you have to decide what is right for you. Forming a single-employee Limited Liability Corporation, or LLC, as a freelancer is one...