The Economics Of YouTube Stardom

There’s something you might know about YouTube stardom: Most YouTube stars make very little money. I just read an interesting story from Fusion’s Gaby Dunn, who digged deep into the economics of being a YouTube superstar. Here’s what you need to know: YouTube superstardom doesn’t...

Freelancers: Give Yourself A Salary

Give Yourself A Salary
Irregular income is one of the hardest parts of being self-employed. Depending on the month, your bank account could be feast or famine. Handling the unpredictability of paychecks is one of the most challenging things for freelancers… and it’s something a lot of people...

Developer? Designer? Here’s How Much You Should Earn Per Hour

Freelance Rate Explorer
Here’s something interesting: We just stumbled on a website which shows average hourly rates for your field and geographic area. Called the Freelance Rate Explorer, the site breaks down average pay rates for developers and designers in different parts of the United States, in...

Why Creative Freelancers Earn More In New York & Austin

Creative Freelancers Income
If you’re a creative freelancer, there are good odds that you might make more money than your full-time employed counterparts. And not only that, but you might make a lot more money if you live in New York, San Francisco, Austin, or Seattle. A new...

Wonder – A Way To Get Paid For Research (And Find Out Anything Online)

Here's an interesting project: Wonder is a new online service that lets you ask researchers to assemble reports on anything you ask. They're also actively looking for freelance researchers. The Simple Dollar's Jon Gorey says that Wonder is looking for freelance researchers who can assist on research...

“People Die From Exposure!” Why You Should Never Work For Free (Except When…)

Never Work For Free
Something funny happens when you’re a creative worker who’s starting off in your career: People ask you to work for free. If you’re a professional mover, house cleaner, or handyperson, strangers won’t ask you to work for free frequently. But if you’re a photographer, writer,...