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Instagram Branded Content Tagging 101

Millions of businesses use Instagram. The advertisements, sponsored posts, and influencer-compensated posts they make--which we'll just call Instagram branded content--make up a significant portion of the content on the massively popular social media service. Instagram just rolled out some new rules and tools for tagging...

Why Graphic Designers (And Everyone Else) Should Talk About Money

Graphic designers take on projects that define their clients’ public image and persona. But many times, they aren’t paid fairly for that work. Fast Company’s Co.Design site recently ran a great piece on why graphic designers should talk more openly about money and how...

Protect Your Videos With Facebook Rights Manager

One of the biggest problems with making videos and putting articles online is that people, well, sometimes steal your content without permission. Protecting copyright--and making sure you're paid for people reusing your work and that you know how your work is used--is one of...

New Promotions Coming To Amazon Associates May 2017

Amazon Associates, Amazon’s popular affiliate marketing program, is getting some new features this May. Several new promotions mean affiliate marketing sites have more opportunities to make money… and there are some changes to Amazon’s affiliate rules as well. If you’re unfamiliar with Amazon’s affiliate marketing...

What’s New For Fintech?

via GIPHY Curious about the next wave of apps, websites, and services for saving or making money? Tech blog Techcrunch's Erin Shipley has a great roundup of What's Next For Personal Financial Services. Some of the companies she highlights are Chime, a low-cost online bank; smart loan...