Money Lessons For College Graduates

The Simple Dollar's Holly Johnson has a great list of six things every college graduate needs to know about money: Learn about debt and interest. Credit cards aren't free money. Learn what it means to live below your means. Learn to compare job offers...

Wonder – A Way To Get Paid For Research (And Find Out Anything Online)

Here's an interesting project: Wonder is a new online service that lets you ask researchers to assemble reportsĀ on anything you ask. They're also actively looking for freelance researchers. The Simple Dollar's Jon Gorey says that Wonder is looking for freelance researchers who can assist on research...

Salary Negotiation Tips

via GIPHY It's difficult to negotiate a salary. It's intimidating to negotiate a salary. But it rocks. Here's the situation in a nutshell: Your employer would like to pay you the minimum amount they can in order to retain you, so you they can keep the...

What’s New For Fintech?

via GIPHY Curious about the next wave of apps, websites, and services for saving or making money? Tech blog Techcrunch's Erin Shipley has a great roundup of What's Next For Personal Financial Services. Some of the companies she highlights are Chime, a low-cost online bank; smart loan...

Money As You Grow

(Via Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)