The Best Podcasts For Freelancers & 1099ers

Best Podcasts For Freelancers & 1099ers
If you’re self-employed or working as an independent contractor, the odds are good that you listen to podcasts. Over the years, podcasts have grown into one of the best sources for news and entertainment around… and I’ll tell you a little secret: They can...

Freelancers & Lawsuits: How To Protect Yourself

Freelancer Insurance
One of the career hazards of working as a freelance journalist is worrying about lawsuits. Any journalist worth their salt will occasionally antagonize much more powerful figures, and this can occasionally lead to the courtroom. Lawsuits funded by third parties have targeted journalists quite...

Coping With Freelance Stress

Coping With Freelance Stress
Working as a freelance writer can be hard sometimes. I know this well--I’ve been working in the journalism salt mines for over a decade at this point. But it can be even harder explaining just why freelancing is so frustrating to outsiders. That’s why I’m...

Pronoun, Macmillian’s Self-Publishing Platform, Shutting Down

RIP, Pronoun. The popular self-publishing platform and book analytics site is shutting down. Although Pronoun will remain in operation for the time being, authors can no longer publish new books on the platform and authors are also encouraged to download their content for distribution...

Unemployed Freelancer Blues: How Freelancers Can Receive Unemployment Benefits

If you’re a freelancer or independent contractor who’s no longer working with your primary client, you may be unemployed by many people’s standards. The same applies if your freelance career is experiencing a slow period for a number of months. But does this mean...

35% Of Americans Freelance Or Have Side Hustles

35% Of Americans Freelance Or Have Side Hustles
A new study claims more Americans are working for themselves than we ever expected. According to a survey commissioned by the Freelancers Union and Upwork, 55 million Americans are now participating in the freelance economy--approximately 35% of our country’s workforce. Their study, Freelancing In America...