The Growing Freelancer And Independent Contractor Economy

So, this is fascinating. Two economists, Lawrence F. Katz of Harvard University and Alan Krueger of Princeton University, recently wrote an extensive report on the size and shape of the freelance economy. Their paper, The Rise Of Alternative Work Arrangements And The Gig Economy, covers...

The Downsides Of Freelancing

While self-employment and freelancing offer a ton of career benefits, there are also some drawbacks too. As you embark on your freelance career (or figure out your best path if you're already in the lifestyle!), keep these in mind: Lack Of Steady Income If your clients...

The Best Parts Of Freelancing

Here are a few reasons why it's great to be a freelancer: Flexible Schedules You don't have to work 9-5. Freelancing means you can figure out your own work routine, pick and choose what tasks you work on, and tackle projects in a way that makes...